What We Do

With Africa set for massive economic growth over the next two decades, the concurrent strain on existing and planned energy resources places a heavy onus on large corporates and institutions in Africa to assist governments by increasing their consumption efficiency.

What is needed are simple solutions to maintain performance at a lower energy utilisation, and this is what Tsebo Energy Solutions is all about.

Environment friendly solutionsEnvironment friendly solutions

At its essence, Tsebo Energy Solutions offers consumption intelligence to save on costs and Co2 emissions: a full-stream service that provides insights and solutions amid a fragmented ‘green energy’ marketplace. In this way, Tsebo Energy Solutions is the first of its kind in the marketplace to offer an end-to-end solution that provides insight and understanding of consumption together with practical solutions that target and eliminate unnecessary consumption. Tsebo Energy Solutions are the experts in reducing the production costs of our clients through simple energy solutions.

With energy costs as a component of non-labour expenses estimated to increase dramatically over the next three decades, early adaptation will enable Tsebo clients to tap capacity in the existing grid more effectively by consuming power more intelligently.

The Energy Solutions brand has grown organically out of the extensive operations of the Tsebo Solutions Group, who already do extensive work in infrastructure and technical services. The energy consumption market space is thus a logical extension of the Group brand and its operations.

As a well-established and recognised entity within this segment, this uniquely skilled business is specialised in its ability to provide integrated and advantageous solutions which are equipped to handle the loads associated with widely distributed operations, such as retail focused networks.

Furthermore, as a forward thinking company, the Tsebo Solutions Group recognises that its core operations are high consumers of energy – catering and cleaning. As such, the Energy Solutions brand enables the Group to be a responsible corporate citizen by promoting the reduction of energy consumption while simultaneously creating more benefits into our clients and building the Tsebo brand.

It is Tsebo Energy Solutions alone that is able to provide the in-depth analytics and tested practical solutions required to significantly impact energy consumption rates.

Focused on lowering energy costs and reducing organisational carbon footprints, Tsebo Energy Solutions aims to make use of the Tsebo Solutions Group’s vast client list and unparalleled access to pools of usage data to achieve sustainable development as an enterprise and within South Africa as a whole.

The mission of Tsebo Energy is to create strategic advantage for our clients with solutions that minimise energy costs and improve sustainability. We understand energy as a strategic item on the leadership agenda, and we seek to reduce production costs through simple energy solutions.